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Anaconda Cluster

Manage and deploy Anaconda on remote environments and launch clusters on bootstrap analytics engines like Spark running Impala and other data systems on distributed machines.

Anaconda Server

Manage the deployment of Python, R, and internal packages behind firewalls and proxies, with integration tools and support

Wakari Enterprise

Collaborate in a browser-based environment for data analysis, exploration, and visualization of data on your servers


Enterprise-ready Python distribution containing 80+ packages for large-scale data processing, predictive analytics, and scientific computing

Anaconda Accelerate

Suite of packages designed to take Python and NumPy code to the next level of performance and scalability. Includes NumbaPro and MKL Optimizations.


Fast, memory-efficient Python interface for databases, NoSQL stores, Amazon S3, and large data files

MKL Optimizations

Boost the speed of Numpy, SciPy, NumExpr, and scikit-learn through Intel's Math Kernel Library


In-browser Python & Linux environment for collaborative data analysis, exploration, and visualization

Open Source Projects

Ashiba - minimal web framework for scientific developers
Blaze - distributed NumPy on out-of-core and streaming datasets
Bokeh - interactive visualization library
conda - custom package and environment manager
LLVMpy - simple access to compiler tools
Numba - NumPy-aware optimizing compiler for Python

Founded by the author of NumPy and SciPy, Continuum offers Python-based products and consulting services for big data analysis, management and visualization. This site provides documentation for the most current commercial products and open source initiatives developed and maintained by Continuum Analytics, Inc.