Continuum Analytics

Known IssuesΒΆ

  • updating from Anaconda 1.2.1 (and up) works as follows:

    conda update conda
    conda update anaconda
  • Uninstalling anaconda does not clear some setting files in C:Documents and SettingsYour_User_Name; specifically, the directories .spyder2, .ipython, .matplotlib, .astropy will exist after uninstall and the user can choose if these should be removed.

  • Spyder may not launch properly on Windows machines. In that case, try the following steps:

    1. Try launching it again.
    2. Use the Reset Spyder Settings option from the menu under start then try to launch Spyder again.
    3. Launch the command prompt by running cmd from the Start menu and then typing Spyder in the command prompt.
    4. Delete the directory .spyder2 from the C:Documents and settingsYour_User_Name directory and then repeat the previous steps.