AI Navigator is in beta testing. This documentation is currently under construction.

The Chat feature of AI Navigator enables users to interact with a locally downloaded model. The chat interface is mainly intended to provide you with a space to evaluate how different models handle specific tasks and scenarios. If the model you are using isn’t responding to your test prompts in a helpful way, try a different model. Once you see some success with a particular model, you can load it into the API server and test your own applications against it to see how the model handles your users’ input.

Loading a model#

Load a model you’ve downloaded into the chat interface to interact with it. To load a model:

  1. Select Chat from the left-hand navigation.

  2. Open the Specify Model dropdown and select your model.

  3. Open the Specify File dropdown and select your model file.


    • If you only have one file for the model, it is automatically loaded into the chat interface.

    • You can switch between models that you have downloaded at any time during a chat.

Starting a new chat#

All chats are initially created as New Chat <#>, but are topically renamed based on your initial prompt to the model.

To start a new chat:

  1. From the Chat page, click New Chat.

  2. If necessary, load a model into the chat interface.

  3. Enter a prompt to chat with the model.

Stopping a response#

Sometimes a model can start generating a lengthy and off topic response to a prompt. To stop the model from generating its response, click Stop in the prompt field.

Renaming a chat#

You can provide a specific name to a chat at any time. To rename a chat:

  1. From the Chat page, open a chat’s actions dropdown and select Rename.

  2. Enter a name for your chat.


    Chat names over 27 characters are truncated.

Deleting a chat#

To delete a chat:

  1. From the Chat page, open a chat’s actions dropdown and select Delete.

  2. Click Delete.