Errors when creating or provisioning a cluster

You get errors when you run adam up to create a cluster or adam provision to provision a cluster.


These errors may be caused by an invalid SSH private key or incorrect settings in a cluster profile.


Verify the following:

  • The contents of your SSH private key are correct and, on Mac/Linux, set to 600 permissions.
  • The user name in the cluster profile, such as username: centos, is defined correctly.
  • The cluster profile settings are defined correctly in ~/.continuum/adam/profile.d/<profile_name>.yaml.

Error: unsupported or unrecognized field

When running Adam commands, you get an error similar to the following:

2016-12-05 11:09:50,120 - adam.config - ERROR - {'notebook':
'Rogue field'}
Error: One or more fields is not supported or recognized by
this version of Anaconda Adam. Correct or remove the
unsupported field in the cluster YAML profile or cluster
definition YAML file, and try the operation again. See the
above errors for more details: {'notebook': 'Rogue field'}


There is an unsupported or unrecognized field in a cluster profile or definition file. If you have updated to a newer version of Adam, some fields in the cluster profile or cluster definition file may have been renamed or removed between versions.


  1. In the cluster profile file in the ~/.continuum/adam/profile.d directory or the cluster definition file in the ~/.continuum/adam/cluster.d directory, remove or rename the field shown in the error.
  2. Retry the command.