Air gap archive (AER 2.32)

This section contains information about where to get the air gap archives and their contents.

The Air Gap archives are generated monthly, generally on the 1st of each month. Monthly archives are hosted at organized in folders by date.

Archive Contents

Installers Archive

All the installers and the latest Miniconda and Anaconda installers for all platforms are in the archive titled:

anaconda-enterprise-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.tar

It is about 14GB. It contains everything to install Anaconda Repository, Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks, Anaconda Adam and Anaconda Scale.

It contains:

Contents Description
aen-*.sh anaconda-enterprise-notebooks server, gateway, compute installers
anaconda_repository*.sh anaconda-repository installer
adam-installer*.sh adam installer
conda/ latest version of miniconda and anaconda for all platforms
rpms6x/ dependencies for installing on RHEL-6x/CentOS-6x
rpms7x/ dependencies for installing on RHEL-7x/CentOS-7x

Mirrors archives

In addition, the anaconda-server-sync-conda subdirectory contains mirror archives. These are platform specific conda packages that must be mirrored after AE-Repo is installed. If you only need packages for a subset of platforms, download the platform based installers as they will be much smaller in size.

Each component has an md5 file and a list file which are both small and included for convenience.

Tarball Contents Size
repo-mirrors-date +%Y-%m-%d.tar All AE-channels for all platforms 160 GB
x64-repo-mirrors-+%Y-%m-%d.tar x64 conda packages for all AE-channels 100 GB
linux-64-pkgs.tar conda packages for linux-64 for all AE-channels 45 GB
win-64-pkgs.tar conda packages for win-64 30 GB
osx-64-pkgs.tar conda packages for osx-64 30 GB


Currently, the archives contain packages for channels: anaconda, R, adam, wakari. The anaconda-nb-extensions packages are in the wakari channel.