Customized Anaconda Installers (AER 2.32)

Anaconda Repository can distribute copies of the Anaconda Distribution installers (version 4.1 and higher) and the Miniconda installers (version 4.1.11 and higher) that are pre-configured to use your installation of Anaconda Repository.

By default the installers will be stored in $PREFIX/opt/anaconda-server/installers. If you prefer to store the installers in a different location, configure a new path:

anaconda-server-config --set INSTALLER_DIR /preferred/directory

NOTE: Replace “/preferred/directory” with the path to the directory where you prefer to store the installers.

To download the installers:

mkdir -p /tmp/extras
pushd /tmp/extras


miniconda=" \ \
    Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86.exe \
    Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe \ \ \
    Miniconda-latest-Windows-x86.exe \
anaconda="Anaconda2-$ \
    Anaconda3-$ \
    Anaconda2-$ \
    Anaconda3-$ \
    Anaconda2-$version-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg \
    Anaconda3-$version-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg \
    Anaconda2-$version-Windows-x86_64.exe \

for installer in $miniconda; do
    curl -O $URL/miniconda/$installer
for installer in $anaconda; do
    curl -O $URL/archive/$installer

# Move the files into the installers directory
cp -a /tmp/extras $PREFIX/opt/anaconda-server/installers

The installers will be available for download from http://your.anaconda.server:port/downloads.

NOTE: Replace “your.anaconda.server:port” with the name or IP address and port of your Anaconda server.

The resulting download will be a zip file containing the Anaconda distribution and the configuration files specific to your server. These zip files will be cached in the server’s configured storage for quick retrieval.

To pre-generate these installer bundles based on the downloaded installers, or to re-generate after downloading new installers, execute the command:

anaconda-server-admin update-installers

This command requires that the SERVER_NAME setting be set in order to generate the correct URLs.

By default, the included conda installation will point to the anaconda and r-channel accounts on your Anaconda Repository server, if those accounts exist. The channels included in this default configuration can be adjusted by setting the DEFAULT_CHANNELS setting, and running the anaconda-server-admin update-installers command.