Configuring Repository to use Kerberos#

Kerberos is an authentication protocol designed to allow nodes communicating over an insecure network to verify identity. Repository can use Kerberos to authenticate users.

The Kerberos protocol uses timestamps to prevent replay attacks on expired credentials, so the Network Time Protocol (NTP) service must be set up and working correctly.

Several aspects of Kerberos rely on name service. Your domain name system (DNS) entries and your hosts must have the correct information. The hostname command and the configuration file /etc/hostname must reflect the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the machine. The configuration file /etc/hosts must include an entry with the FQDN, to allow reverse-DNS lookups to be performed.

To allow clients to authenticate against Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository, create a principal for the service with a private key that identifies the service. Create a service principal HTTP/your.anaconda.repository, and create the keytab containing this principal to $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/http.keytab:


NOTE: Replace your.anaconda.repository with your server IP address or domain name.

If you are using MIT Kerberos:

kadmin -q "addprinc HTTP/${SERVER_NAME}"
kadmin -q "ktadd -k $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/http.keytab HTTP/${SERVER_NAME}"
chown anaconda-server:anaconda-server $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/http.keytab
chmod 600 $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/http.keytab

If you are using Active Directory:

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. Select the Users container.

  3. In the Action menu, select New, then select User.

  4. In the New Object - User dialog, type the user information. In this example, we use your-anaconda-repository as the login.

  5. In the next dialog, select the options Password never expires and User cannot change password.

  6. Right-click on the newly created user, and select Properties.

  7. In the Properties dialog, select the Account tab, and ensure the Do not require Kerberos preauthentication option is selected.

  8. Open an Administrative prompt and run:

    ktpass -princ HTTP/[email protected] -out http.keytab -pass "*" -mapUser your-anaconda-user@your-anaconda-server -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL
  9. Copy the newly created file http.keytab to $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/http.keytab on your Repository server.

To enable Kerberos authentication on Repository, add the configuration options to $PREFIX/etc/anaconda-server/config.yaml:

KRB5_KTNAME: /home/anaconda-server/repo/etc/anaconda-server/http.keytab

For a minimal configuration example see Kerberos-Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository setup example.

Kerberos configuration options#



Configures the authentication scheme used for Repository. Set to KERBEROS to enable Kerberos authentication. Default: NATIVE.



The file path of the keytab containing the service principal for Repository. Default: /etc/krb5.keytab.



The service type used to identify the service principal for Repository. HTTP in HTTP/your.anaconda.repository@YOUR.REALM. Default: HTTP.



The hostname used to identify the service principal for Repository. your.anaconda.repository in HTTP/your.anaconda.repository@YOUR.REALM. Default: the hostname of the machine on which Repository is running.