Working with environments#

A saved conda environment can be uploaded to Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository with the web interface or the anaconda upload command.

  • To save the environment, run this command in an Anaconda Prompt or Terminal window:

    conda env export -n my-environment -f my-environment.yml
  • To upload it with the web interface go to:


    Then use the Upload button in the top right corner.

  • To upload it with the anaconda upload command:

    anaconda upload -f my-environment.yml

    NOTE: Replace my-environment with the name of your environment.

  • You can view a list of your uploaded environments in the web interface at:
    NOTE: Replace ``USERNAME`` with your username.
  • Anyone who has access can download and install your environment. Open a Terminal window or an Anaconda Prompt and then enter:

    conda env create user/my-environment
    source activate my-environment

NOTE: Replace my-environment with the actual name of your environment.