Using default repositories

When you use a conda command that involves looking for a package to install or upgrade, by default conda searches the default repository located at

Main channel

Added Sept 26, 2017 with the release of Anaconda 5.0 and conda 4.3.27, the main channel includes packages built by Anaconda, Inc. with the new compiler stack. The majority of all new Anaconda, Inc. package builds are hosted here. This is the top priority channel in conda’s default channel list.

Free channel

As of conda 4.7, the free channel was removed from conda’s default channels.

The free channel contains packages built without the new compiler stack. It includes packages built as far back as Fall 2012. The majority of these packages are compatible with the packages in main. Learn more about the free channel.

R Language channel


Anaconda, Inc.’s R conda packages and Microsoft R Open conda packages. This channel is included in conda’s “defaults” channel. When creating new environments, R is the default R implementation.

MRO channel


As of Dec. 19, 2017, this is an empty channel. Packages in this channel have been moved to pkgs/mro-archive. New MRO packages are in the pkgs/r channel.

Pro channel

Now deprecated, though still available in conda’s default channels. Packages in this channel were once sold commercially, but are now open source and available without charge. The last package was updated Feb. 2017. Includes MKL Optimizations, IOPro, and Accelerate.

Anaconda Extras channel

This channel contains packages custom built for customers by Anaconda, Inc.

Archive channel

Sometimes a package that is released onto one of the other channels has an issue that forces Anaconda, Inc. to remove it from the channel. In these cases, the package is archived to this channel for anyone who still needs it.

MSYS2 channel


Windows only - included in conda’s default channels. Necessary for Anaconda, Inc.’s R conda packages and some others in /main and /free. It provides a bash shell, Autotools, revision control systems and the like for building native Windows applications using MinGW-w64 toolchains.

Anaconda channel on

The Anaconda channel on is a mirror of the packages available in,, and