An organization enables you to provide access to resources based on group membership. It serves as the custom URL where your packages, notebooks, environments, and projects are stored. An organization can contain multiple groups.

Creating an organization#

As the creator and owner of an organization, you have automatic administrative access to this organization and any packages associated with the organization.

You can view your organizations by clicking your profile in the top-right corner and selecting Profile in the dropdown.

Follow these steps to create an organization:

  1. Log in to

  2. From your profile in the top-right corner, select New Organization, and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

  3. Enter an organization name.


    Organization names cannot include spaces or special characters.

#. Enter an email address, then click Create Organization. The system displays the dashboard for the new organization.

Deleting an organization#

Follow these steps to delete an organization you administer and erase all data associated with it:

  1. From your profile in the top-right corner, select Switch to….

  2. Select the organization you want to delete.

  3. From your profile, select Settings.

  4. Click My Account in the left-hand menu. You may be asked to verify your password.

  5. In the Delete Account section, click Delete.

  6. Enter the full name of the organization on the confirmation page that appears, then click Delete Account.

Uploading packages to an organization from the CLI#

To upload a package to an organization, open a terminal (Anaconda Prompt for Windows users) and run the following command:

# Replace <ORGANIZATION> with your organization name
# Replace <PACKAGE-FILE> with the name of the package
anaconda upload --user <ORGANIZATION> <PACKAGE-FILE>


Only the co-owners of an organization may upload packages to the organization.