Disabling the anaconda-anon-usage package#

The anaconda-anon-usage package is installed as a dependency of Anaconda Navigator and therefore comes with any install of Anaconda Distribution. The package augments the request header data that conda delivers to package servers during index and package requests. The three randomly generated tokens used for this process are designed to reveal no personal identifying information. For more specific information on how anaconda-anon-usage works, see the package’s public Readme file on Github.

Because this package is delivered as a dependency of other Anaconda packages, you may not be able to remove it from your conda environment. You may, however, disable the delivery of the three tokens that anaconda-anon-usage supplies:

  1. Open a terminal application (Anaconda Prompt on Windows).

  2. Disable anaconda-anon-usage by running the following command:

    conda config --set anaconda_anon_usage off

To re-enable anaconda-anon-usage, run the following command:

conda config --set anaconda_anon_usage on