Anaconda installer file hashes

All installer files are available at .

You can verify the data integrity of the Anaconda installer files by running a local program to generate their SHA-256 cryptographic hashes and checking the output to be sure it matches the hashes (or “checksums”) below. We do not suggest MD5 verification as SHA-256 provides greater security.

If the SHA-256 hash that you generate does not match the one here, the file may not have downloaded completely. Please download it again and re-check. If repeated downloads produce the same result, please contact us to report the problem, including the file name, the hash you generated, and the hash on the site.

  Python 3 Python 2
64-bit Windows 64-bit Windows, Py3 64-bit Windows, Py2
32-bit Windows 32-bit Windows, Py3 32-bit Windows, Py2
macOS graphical installer macOS, Py3 macOS, Py2
macOS command line installer macOS, Py3 macOS, Py2
64-bit Linux 64-bit Linux, Py3 64-bit Linux, Py2
32-bit Linux 32-bit Linux, Py3 32-bit Linux, Py2

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