Anaconda 2.3.0 for Python version 2.7#

Python version: 2.7

Number of supported packages: 340

Name Version Summary / License In Installer
abstract-rendering Linux Mac 0.5.1 Rendering as a binning process / 3-clause BSD
affine 1.1.0 Matrices describing affine transformation of the plane. / BSD
alabaster 0.7.3 A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme / BSD
ansi2html 1.1.0 Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML. / GPLv3+
appscript Mac 1.0.1 Control AppleScriptable applications from Python / Public-Domain
apptools 4.2.1 application tools / BSD
argcomplete 0.8.9 Bash tab completion for argparse. Tab complete all the things! / Apache
astroid 1.3.4 abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support. / LGPL
astropy 1.0.3 Community-developed python astronomy tools / BSD
atom 0.3.9 Memory efficient Python objects / BSD
azure 0.11.0 easy to access the Microsoft Azure components / Apache License 2.0
babel 1.3 Internationalization utilities / BSD
basemap 1.0.7 Plot data on map projections with matplotlib / PSF
bcolz 0.9.0 columnar and compressed data containers. / BSD
beautiful-soup 4.3.2 Screen-scraping library / PSF, MIT
binstar 0.11.0 Binstar command line client library / BSD
binstar-build 0.10.5 Binstar build client. / proprietary - Continuum Analytics, Inc.
biopython 1.65 Freely available tools for computational molecular biology / BSD-like
bitarray 0.8.1 efficient arrays of booleans -- C extension / PSF
blaze 0.8.0 NumPy and Pandas interface to Big Data / BSD
blaze-core 0.8.0 Blaze is the next generation of NumPy / BSD
blist 1.3.6 a replacement type with better performance for modifying large lists / BSD
blockspring 0.1.10 Blockspring api wrapper for Python / MIT
blz 0.6.2 a compressed data container / BSD
bokeh 0.9.0 Statistical and novel interactive HTML plots for Python / 3-clause BSD
boost 1.57.0 Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. / Boost license
boto 2.38.0 Amazon Web Services Library / MIT
bottleneck 1.0.0 Fast NumPy array functions written in Cython. / Simplified BSD
bsddb Linux Mac 1.0 The bsddb module provides an interface to the Berkeley DB library / PSF
bsdiff4 1.1.4 binary diff and patch using the BSDIFF4-format / BSD
btrees 4.1.4 scalable persistent object containers / ZPL 2.1
cairo Linux 1.12.18 Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. / LGPL 2.1, MPL 1.1
casuarius 1.1 Cython bindings for the Cassowary constraint solver. / LGPL
cdecimal 2.3 Fast drop-in replacement for / BSD
certifi 14.05.14 Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle. / ISC
cffi 1.1.0 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code / MIT
chaco 4.5.0 interactive 2-dimensional plotting / BSD
chalmers 0.7.2 Process control system. / BSD
chameleon 2.22 Fast HTML/XML Template Compiler. / BSD-like
cheetah 2.4.4 Cheetah is a template engine and code generation tool. / MIT
chest 0.2.2 a dictionary that spills to disk / BSD
chrpath Linux 0.13 Tool to edit the rpath in ELF binaries / GPL2
click 4.0 A simple wrapper around optparse for powerful command line utilities. / BSD
cligj 0.1.0 Click params for GeoJSON CLI. / MIT
cloudpickle 0.1.0 Extended pickling support for Python objects / as-is
clyent 0.3.4 Command line client Library for windows and posix / BSD
cmake Linux Mac 3.2.3 CMake is an extensible, open-source system that manages the build process / 3-clause BSD
colorama 0.3.3 Cross-platform colored terminal text. / BSD
conda 3.14.1 cross-platform, Python-agnostic binary package manager / BSD
conda-api 1.1.0 A light weight conda interface library / BSD
conda-build 1.14.1 Commands and tools for building conda packages / BSD
conda-env 2.2.3 Provides a unified interface to dealing with Conda environments. / BSD
configobj 5.0.6 Config file reading, writing and validation / BSD
coverage 3.7.1 Code coverage measurement for Python / BSD
cryptography 0.9.1 provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers / Apache
cssselect 0.9.1 cssselect parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0 / BSD
csvkit 0.9.1 utilities for working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats / MIT
cubes 1.0.1 a light-weight Python OLAP framework for data warehouses / MIT
curl 7.43.0 tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax / MIT/X derivate
cvxopt Linux Mac 1.1.7 CVXOPT is a free software package for convex optimization / GPL
cymem Linux Mac 1.11 Manage calls to calloc/free through Cython / MIT
cython 0.22.1 The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language / Apache
cytoolz 0.7.3 Cython implementation of Toolz, high performance functional utilities / BSD
dask 0.6.0 Task scheduling and blocked algorithms for parallel processing / BSD
datashape 0.4.5 A data description language / BSD
datrie 0.7 Super-fast, efficiently stored Trie for Python / LGPLv2
db Linux Mac 5.3.28 Databases for Humans / AGPLv3
dbf 0.96.003 reading/writing dBase, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro .dbf files / BSD
decorator 3.4.2 Better living through Python with decorators / BSD
dill 0.2.3 Serialize all of python (almost) / 3-clause BSD
django 1.8.2 Web framework that encourages rapid development / BSD
dnspython 1.12.0 DNS toolkit for Python / BSD-style
docopt 0.6.2 Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile / MIT
docutils 0.12 Utilities for general- and special-purpose documentation / Public-Domain, PSF, 2-clause BSD, GPLv3
dynd-python 0.6.5 Python exposure of the DyND dynamic multi-dimensional array library / BSD
ecdsa 0.13 ECDSA cryptographic signature library (pure python) / MIT
enable 4.4.1 low-level drawing and interaction / BSD
enaml 0.9.8 Declarative DSL for building rich user interfaces in Python / BSD
enum34 1.0.4 Robust enumerated type support in Python / BSD
envisage 4.4.0 extensible application framework / BSD
ephem Compute positions of the planets and stars / LGPL
essbasepy 11.1.2012.0514 access to Oracle Essbase multi-dimensional databases using MaxL / MIT
execnet 1.3.0 rapid multi-Python deployment / MIT
fabric 1.10.1 Fabric is a simple, Pythonic tool for remote execution and deployment / BSD
fastcache 1.0.2 C implementation of Python 3 functools.lru_cache / MIT
faulthandler 2.4 Display the Python traceback on a crash / BSD
feedparser 5.2.0 Universal feed parser / MIT
fiona 1.5.1 Read and write spatial data files / BSD
flake8 2.3.0 the modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co / MIT
flask 0.10.1 A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions / BSD
flask-login 0.2.11 User session management for Flask / MIT
flask-wtf 0.11 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms / BSD
fontconfig Linux 2.11.1 Fontconfig is a library for configuring and customizing font access / BSD
freeglut Linux 2.8.1 a completely OpenSourced alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit library. / MIT
freetype Linux Mac 2.5.2 A Free, High-Quality, and Portable Font Engine / FreeType License
funcsigs 0.4 Python function signatures from PEP362 for Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2+ / Apache
future 0.14.3 Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2 / MIT
futures 3.0.2 Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2 / BSD
gdal 1.11.2 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library / MIT
gdata 2.0.18 Python client library for Google data APIs / Apache
gensim 0.10.3 Python framework for fast Vector Space Modelling / LGPL
geos Linux Mac 3.3.3 GEOS is a C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS). / LGPL
gevent 1.0.1 Coroutine-based network library / MIT
gevent-websocket 0.9.3 Websocket handler for the gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library / Apache
glueviz 0.4.0 Multidimensional data visualzation across files / MIT
googlecl 0.9.12 Use (some) Google services from the command line / Apache
graphite-web Linux 0.9.13 Enterprise scalable realtime graphing / Apache
greenlet 0.4.7 Lightweight in-process concurrent programming / MIT
grin 1.2.1 A grep program configured the way I like it / BSD
gunicorn Linux Mac 19.1.0 WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX / MIT
h5py 2.5.0 Read and write HDF5 files from Python. / 3-clause BSD
hdf5 HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data / BSD-like
heapdict 1.0.0 a heap with decrease-key and increase-key operations / BSD
holoviews 1.3.0 composable, declarative data structures for building complex visualizations / BSD
html5lib 0.999 HTML parser based on the WHATWG HTML specifcation / MIT
hyde Linux Mac 0.8.5 hyde is a static website generator / MIT
icu Linux Mac 54.1 / MIT
idna 2.0 Internationalized Domain Names in Applications / BSD
iopro 1.7.1 python interface for databases, NoSQL stores, Amazon S3, and large data files / proprietary - Continuum Analytics, Inc.
ipaddress 1.0.7 IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library / PSF
ipython 3.2.0 Productive Interactive Computing / BSD
itsdangerous 0.24 Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back. / BSD
jdcal 1.0 Julian dates from proleptic Gregorian and Julian calendars. / BSD
jedi 0.8.1 / MIT
jinja2 2.7.3 An easy to use stand-alone template engine written in pure python. / BSD
joblib 0.8.4 using Python functions as pipeline jobs / BSD
jpeg Linux Mac 8d read/write jpeg COM, EXIF, IPTC medata / Custom free software license
jsonschema 2.4.0 An implementation of JSON Schema validation for Python / MIT
kiwisolver 0.1.3 A fast implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver / BSD
lancet-ioam 0.9.0 launch jobs, organize the output, and dissect the results / BSD
launcher Mac Windows 1.0.0 Anaconda's application launcher / proprietary - Continuum Analytics, Inc.
lcms Linux Mac 1.19 A free, open source, CMM engine / MIT
ldap3 A strictly RFC 4511 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client. / LGPLv3
libconda 3.11.0 conda library, ie. conda with no scripts / BSD
libdynd Linux Mac 0.6.5 Python exposure of DyND / BSD
libffi Linux 3.0.13 A portable foreign-function interface library / MIT
libgdal 1.11.2 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library / MIT
libnetcdf libraries and data formats that support array-oriented scientific data / MIT
libpng Linux Mac 1.6.17 libpng is the official PNG reference library / libpng license
libsodium Linux Mac 0.4.5 a modern software library for encryption, signatures, password hashing, etc. / MIT
libtiff Linux Mac 4.0.2 PyLibTiff: a Python tiff library / BSD-like
libxml2 Linux Mac 2.9.2 The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome / MIT
libxslt Linux Mac 1.1.28 Libxslt is the XSLT C library developed for the GNOME project / MIT
line_profiler 1.0 Line-by-line profiler / BSD
llvmlite 0.5.0 lightweight wrapper around basic LLVM functionality / BSD
locket 0.2.0 File based locks / BSD
lockfile 0.10.2 Platform-independent file locking module / MIT
logilab-common 0.63.2 collection of low-level Python packages and modules used by Logilab projects / LGPL
lxml 3.4.4 XML processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the ElementTree API / BSD
markdown 2.6.2 Python implementation of Markdown / BSD
markdown2 2.3.0 Python implementation of Markdown / BSD
markupsafe 0.23 Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python / BSD
mathjax 2.2 A JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers / Apache
matplotlib 1.4.3 Python plotting package / PSF-based
mayavi 4.4.0 The Mayavi scientific data 3-dimensional visualizers / BSD
mccabe 0.3 McCabe checker, plugin for flake8 / MIT
mdp 3.3 a Python data processing framework. / BSD
meld3 1.0.2 an HTML/XML templating engine / BSD-derived
menuinst Windows 1.0.4 cross platform install of menu items / BSD
mercurial 3.4.1 Fast scalable distributed SCM (revision control, version control) system / GPL2
mingw Windows 4.7 minimalist development environment for native Microsoft Windows applications / Public-Domain
mistune 0.5.1 The fastest markdown parser in pure Python with renderer feature / BSD
mock 1.0.1 A Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing / BSD
mpi4py Linux 1.3 MPI for Python / BSD
mpich2 Linux 1.4.1p1 a high performance widely portable implementation of the MPI standard / mpich license
mpmath 0.19 Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic / BSD
msgpack-python 0.4.6 MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format / Apache
mtq 0.6.3 Mongo task queue / BSD
multimethods 1.0.0 A simple python multidispatch. / MIT
multipledispatch 0.4.7 Multiple dispatch / BSD
murmurhash Linux Mac 0.24 Cython .pxd files for some of the MurmurHash 2 and 3 hash functions / Public-Domain
mysql-connector-python 2.0.3 MySQL driver written in Python / GPL2
mysql-python Linux Windows 1.2.5 Python interface to MySQL / GPL
nano Linux Mac 2.4.1 An enhanced clone of the Pico text editor / GPL2
natsort 3.5.0 Sort lists naturally / MIT
ncurses Linux Mac 5.9 free software emulation of curses in System V Release 4.0, and more / ncurses license
ndg-httpsclient 0.3.3 enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL / BSD
netcdf4 1.1.8 python/numpy interface to netCDF library / MIT
networkx 1.9.1 Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks / BSD
nltk 3.0.3 Natural Language Toolkit / Apache
node-webkit Mac Windows 0.10.1 calls Node.js modules from DOM and enables a new way of writing applications / MIT
nose 1.3.7 nose extends unittest to make testing easier / LGPL
numba 0.19.1 compiling Python code using LLVM / BSD
numexpr 2.4.3 Fast numerical expression evaluator for NumPy / MIT
numpy 1.9.2 array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects. / BSD
numpydoc 0.5 Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format / BSD
odo 0.3.2 Data Migration for Blaze Project / BSD
opencv Linux 2.4.10 a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision / BSD
openpyxl 1.8.5 A Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files / MIT
openssl Linux Mac 1.0.1k OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols / Apache-style
pandas 0.16.2 Powerful data structures for data analysis, time series,and statistics / BSD
pandasql 0.6.3 sqldf for pandas / BSD
param 1.3.2 declarative Python programming using Parameters / BSD
paramiko 1.15.2 SSH2 protocol library / LGPL
partd 0.3.2 Appendable key-value byte store / BSD
passlib 1.6.2 comprehensive password hashing framework supporting over 30 schemes / BSD
paste Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack. / MIT
pastedeploy 1.5.2 Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers / MIT
patchelf Linux 0.6 a small utility to modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF executables / GPL3
patsy 0.3.0 a library for describing statistical models and building design matrices. / BSD
pep381client 1.5 Mirroring tool that implements the client (mirror) side of PEP 381 / Academic Free License
pep8 1.6.2 Python style guide checker / MIT
persistent 4.1.1 translucent persistent objects / ZPL 2.1
pexpect Linux Mac 3.3 Pexpect allows easy control of interactive console applications / ISC
pil 1.1.7 adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter / PIL license
pillow 2.8.2 Python Imaging Library (Fork) / PIL license
pip 7.0.3 PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages / MIT
pixman Linux 0.26.2 a low-level software library for pixel manipulation / MIT
plac 0.9.1 The smartest command line arguments parser in the world / BSD
ply 3.6 Python Lex & Yacc / BSD
preshed Linux Mac 0.37 Cython hash table that trusts the keys are pre-hashed / MIT
progressbar 2.3 Text progress bar library for Python / LGPL
protobuf Linux Mac 2.6.1 Protocol Buffers / 3-clause BSD
psutil 2.2.1 A cross-platform process and system utilities module for Python / BSD
psycopg2 Linux Mac 2.6 Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter / LGPL, BSD-like, ZPL
ptyprocess Linux Mac 0.4 Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal / ISC
py 1.4.27 library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities / MIT
py2cairo Linux 1.10.0 Pycairo is a set of Python bindings for the cairo graphics library / LGPL 2.1, MPL 1.1
pyamg 2.2.1 Algebraic Multigrid Solvers in Python / BSD
pyasn1 0.1.7 Offline IP address to Autonomous System Number lookup module / BSD
pyaudio Mac 0.2.7 Bindings for PortAudio v19, the cross-platform audio stream library / MIT
pycosat 0.6.1 bindings to picosat (a SAT solver) / MIT
pycparser 2.14 C parser in Python / BSD
pycrypto 2.6.1 Cryptographic modules for Python. / Public-Domain
pycurl Linux Mac PycURL -- cURL library module for Python / LGPL, MIT
pyface 4.4.0 traits-capable windowing framework / BSD
pyflakes 0.9.2 passive checker of Python programs / MIT
pygments 2.0.2 Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python / BSD
pylint 1.4.2 python code static checker / GPL
pymc 2.3.4 Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling toolkit / Academic Free License
pymongo 2.8 Python driver for MongoDB / Apache
pymysql 0.6.6 Pure-Python MySQL Driver / MIT
pyodbc 3.0.10 DB API Module for ODBC / MIT
pyopengl 3.1.1a1 Standard OpenGL bindings for Python / BSD
pyopengl-accelerate 3.1.1a1 Standard OpenGL bindings for Python / BSD
pyopenssl 0.15.1 Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library / Apache
pyparsing 2.0.3 Python parsing module / MIT
pyqt 4.11.3 PyQt is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt / Commercial, GPLv2, GPLv3
pyramid 1.5.2 The Pyramid Web Framework, a Pylons project / BSD
pyreadline Windows 2.0 A python implmementation of GNU readline. / BSD
pysal 1.6.0 A library of spatial analysis functions. / 3-clause BSD
pysam Linux Mac 0.6 python module for reading and manipulating Samfiles / MIT
pyserial 2.7 Python Serial Port Extension / PSF
pysnmp Linux Mac 4.2.5 A pure-Python SNMPv1/v2c/v3 library / BSD
pystan Linux Mac PyStan provides an interface to Stan / GPL3
pytables 3.2.0 brings together Python, HDF5 and NumPy to easily handle large amounts of data / BSD
pytest 2.7.1 simple powerful testing with Python / MIT
pytest-cache 1.0 pytest plugin with mechanisms for caching across test runs / MIT
pytest-pep8 1.0.6 pytest plugin to check PEP8 requirements / MIT
python 2.7.10 general purpose programming language / PSF
python-dateutil 2.4.2 Extensions to the standard Python datetime module / BSD
python-ntlm 1.1.0 provides NTLM support, including an authentication handler for urllib2 / LGPL
pytz 2015.4 World timezone definitions, modern and historical / MIT
pywget 2.2 pure python download utility / Public-Domain
pywin32 Windows 219 Python extensions for Windows / PSF
pyyaml 3.11 YAML parser and emitter for Python / MIT
pyzmq 14.7.0 zeromq bindings for Python / LGPL and BSD
qt Linux Mac 4.8.6 Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework / LGPL
quandl 2.8.7 Package for Quandl API access / MIT
queuelib 1.2.2 Collection of persistent (disk-based) queues / BSD
rasterio 0.24.0 Read and write geospatial raster datasets. / BSD
readline Linux Mac 6.2 provides line-editing and for programs with a command-line interface / GPL3
redis Linux Mac 2.6.9 Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value cache and store / 3-clause BSD
redis-py Linux Mac 2.10.3 Redis Python Client / MIT
reportlab 3.2.0 The ReportLab Toolkit / BSD
repoze.lru 0.6 A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator / BSD
requests 2.7.0 Python HTTP for Humans / Apache
rope 0.9.4 a python refactoring library / GPL
runipy 0.1.3 Run IPython notebooks from the command line / BSD
sas7bdat 2.0.4 sas7bdat file reader for Python / MIT
scikit-bio Linux Mac 0.2.3 Data structures, algorithms and educational resources for bioinformatics. / BSD
scikit-image 0.11.3 Image processing routines for SciPy / 3-clause BSD
scikit-learn 0.16.1 A set of python modules for machine learning and data mining / 3-clause BSD
scipy 0.15.1 Scientific Library for Python / BSD
scrapy 0.24.4 A high-level Python Screen Scraping framework / BSD
seaborn 0.6.0 statistical data visualization / BSD
semantic_version 2.4.1 A library implementing the 'SemVer' scheme. / BSD
setuptools 17.1.1 Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages / PSF or ZPL
sh Linux Mac 1.11 full-fledged subprocess replacement for Python / MIT
shapely Linux Mac 1.5.8 Geometric objects, predicates, and operations / BSD
sip Linux Mac 4.16.5 / GPL3
six 1.9.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities / MIT
snowballstemmer 1.2.0 provides 16 stemmer algorithms generated from Snowball algorithms / BSD
snuggs 1.3.1 Click params for GeoJSON CLI. / MIT
sockjs-tornado 1.0.1 SockJS python server implementation on top of Tornado framework / MIT
spacy Linux Mac 0.85 Industrial-strength NLP / Commercial, Trial, AGPLv3
sphinx 1.3.1 Python documentation generator / BSD
sphinx_rtd_theme 0.1.7 theme for Sphinx / BSD
spyder Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment / MIT
sqlalchemy 1.0.5 Database Abstraction Library / MIT
sqlite Linux Mac implements a self-contained, zero-configuration, SQL database engine / Public-Domain
sqlparse 0.1.15 A non-validating SQL parser module for Python / BSD
ssh 1.8.0 SSH2 protocol library / LGPL
ssl_match_hostname The ssl.match_hostname() function from Python 3.4 / PSF
starcluster Linux 0.93.3 an open source cluster-computing toolkit for Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud / LGPL
statsmodels 0.6.1 Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy / 3-clause BSD
stripe 1.22.2 Stripe python bindings. / MIT
supervisor Linux Mac 3.1.3 A system for controlling process state under UNIX / BSD-derived
sympy 0.7.6 SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics / 3-clause BSD
terminado Linux Mac 0.5 Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets / BSD
theano Linux 0.7.0 Optimizing compiler for evaluating mathematical expressions on CPUs and GPUs / BSD
thinc Linux Mac 1.76 Learn sparse linear models / Commercial, GPLv2
tk Linux Mac 8.5.18 powerful but easy to learn dynamic programming language / BSD-like
toolz 0.7.2 List processing tools and functional utilities / BSD
tornado 4.2 Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library / Apache
traits 4.5.0 explicitly typed attributes for Python / BSD
traitsui 4.4.0 traits-capable user interfaces / BSD
translationstring 1.3 Utility library for i18n relied on by various Repoze and Pyramid packages / BSD
twisted 15.2.1 Twisted is an event-driven networking engine for Python / MIT
ujson 1.33 Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python / BSD
unicodecsv 0.9.4 The unicodecsv file reads and decodes byte strings for you / BSD
unidecode 0.4.17 ASCII transliterations of Unicode text / GPL2
unixodbc Linux 2.3.1 unixODBC is an open source project that implements the ODBC API / LGPLv2
unxutils Windows 14.04.03 ports of common GNU utilities to native Win32 / GPL3
util-linux Linux 2.21 Util-linux is a suite of essential utilities for any Linux system / GPL2
uuid 1.30 UUID object and generation functions (Python 2.3 or higher) / PSF
venusian 1.0 A library for deferring decorator actions / BSD
virtualenv 13.0.1 Virtual Python Environment builder / MIT
vispy High performance interactive 2D/3D data visualization. / 3-clause BSD
vtk 5.10.1 software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization / BSD
w3lib 1.8.1 Library of web-related functions / BSD
webob 1.4.1 WSGI request and response object / MIT
websocket 0.2.1 Websocket implementation for gevent / MIT
werkzeug 0.10.4 The Swiss Army knife of Python web development / BSD
whisper Linux 0.9.13 Fixed size round-robin style database / Apache
whoosh 2.7.0 Fast, pure-Python full text indexing, search, and spell checking library / BSD
workerpool Linux 0.9.2 Module for distributing jobs to a pool of worker threads / MIT
wtforms 2.0.2 A flexible forms validation and rendering library for Python / BSD
xlrd 0.9.3 Library for developers to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files / BSD
xlsxwriter 0.7.3 A Python module for creating Excel XLSX files / BSD
xlutils 1.7.1 Utilities for working with Excel files that require both xlrd and xlwt / MIT
xlwings Mac Windows 0.3.5 Make Excel fly. Interact with Excel from Python and vice versa / 3-clause BSD
xlwt 1.0.0 writing data and formatting information to Excel files / BSD
xray 0.5.1 N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python / Apache
yaml Linux Mac 0.1.6 a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages / MIT
yt 3.1 An analysis and visualization toolkit for Astrophysical simulations / BSD
zeromq Linux Mac 4.0.5 a messaging system, or "message-oriented middleware" / LGPL
zlib 1.2.8 A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library / zlib
zope.deprecation 4.1.2 Zope Deprecation Infrastructure / ZPL 2.1
zope.interface 4.1.2 Interfaces for Python / ZPL 2.1