This product is discontinued. This archived copy of the product documentation is provided for those customers who are still using it.

NumbaPro has been deprecated, and its code generation features have been moved into open-source Numba. The CUDA library functions have been moved into Accelerate, along with some Intel MKL functionality. High-level functions and access to additional native library implementations will be added in future releases of Accelerate, and there will be no further updates to NumbaPro.

A NumbaPro compatibility layer (listed as release 0.22.0 of NumbaPro) provides access to the new Accelerate packages through the old NumbaPro package names. This avoids the need to change any existing code immediately for use with Accelerate. A warning will be generated upon import of the compatibility layer, to highlight the deprecation of the NumbaPro package.

Archived NumbaPro documentation is still available.