Configuring Navigator tiles#

Anaconda Navigator contains some configuration options that allow you to customize the visibility of application tiles available on the Navigator Home tab.

Configuration files#

Depending on your operating system, the configuration file can be created or edited at the following locations:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\.anaconda\navigator\applications\

  • macOS and Linux: ~/.anaconda/navigator/applications/

Each configuration file must be in a .yaml` format, but your files can be named anything (within the character limits for files in your operating system).

There are a few default applications that are registered in Navigator:

  • PyCharm Community - pycharm_ce

  • PyCharm Professional - pycharm_pro

  • VS Code - vscode

  • Datalore - datalore

  • IBM watsonx - ibm_watson

Use these identifier keys to hide the above default applications within Navigator.

Hiding existing tiles#

Navigator contains some default applications that can be hidden by a config file. To hide one of these applications from the Navigator Home tab:

  1. Create a new config file (named something like config.yaml or hidden_apps.yaml) or edit an existing file.

  2. Add something like the following:

        is_available: false

In this example, the VS Code application tile will be hidden from users in the Navigator Home tab.