Download our documentation#

If you want to view our documentation locally or offline, Anaconda provides you with the ability to either download our documentation directly from our documentation site or install offline copies via the command line interface (CLI).

You can download a PDF or zipped HTML copy of by clicking v: main beneath the table of contents to the left of any page.


The product documentation for Package Security Manager (On-prem) and Data Science & AI Workbench is hosted in separate repositories from our main repository and is therefore not included in the download. Both sets of documentation can be downloaded from their respective sites.

You can install offline copies of,, and by installing the conda package anaconda-docs:

conda install anaconda-docs

This will install a PDF copy and a zipped HTML copy of each site into the directory share/doc for your currently active conda environment. For example, if your conda install directory is ~/miniconda3, and your environment is named my-env, the documentation will be installed into ~/miniconda3/envs/my-env/share/doc/.

To update your locally installed documentation, run:

conda update anaconda-docs