Anaconda Toolbox for Excel#

Unlock the power of Python in your spreadsheets - no coding skills needed


You must be part of the Microsoft 365 Insider Program with Python in Excel enabled to access the Anaconda Toolbox.

Anaconda Toolbox makes Python accessible, even if you’re not an expert. Quickly generate code and visualizations, learning Python as you go.

Powered by Anaconda—the same team that provides the Python libraries for Microsoft’s Python in Excel.

With Anaconda Toolbox, you can:

  • Sync Your Data Anywhere: Start in one workbook, pick up in another—your data follows you when all your work is saved to Anaconda Cloud.

  • Run Code Again and Again: Upload, share, and reuse your favorite snippets of code.

  • Transform Tables into Graphs: Visualize your data through the power of plots.

  • Meet Anaconda Assistant: Your AI-powered assistant for Python-centric tasks in Excel.