What is Anaconda.org?#

Anaconda.org is a package management service by Anaconda. For more information, see Anaconda.org.

What kind of packages does Anaconda.org support?#

Anaconda.org supports any type of package. Today, it is primarily used for conda and Standard Python packages, as well as notebooks and environments. Both tar.bz2 and .conda compression files can be uploaded to Anaconda.org. See Using the .conda compression format for more information on the .conda format.

Who can find and install my packages?#

If you have a free account, all of your packages are public. After you upload them to Anaconda.org, anyone can search for and download them.

What is Anaconda, Inc.?#

Anaconda is a software development and consulting company of passionate open source advocates based in Austin, Texas, USA. We are committed to the open source community. We created the Anaconda Python distribution and contribute to many other open source-based data analytics tools. You can find out more about us by reading our story.

What are Anaconda.org’s Terms of Service?#

Our Terms of Service are available on our website. For any additional questions, contact us by email.

How much does Anaconda.org cost?#

Anaconda.org is free for downloading and uploading public packages.

How do I get started with Anaconda.org?#

You can search, download and install hundreds of public packages without having an account. If you want to upload packages, you need to sign up for a Anaconda.org account. For more information, see sign up for a free Anaconda.org account.

What kind of account do I have?#

By default your account is a personal, free account. All packages you upload to Anaconda.org are public, and you are the only person with administrative access to your account.

What is included in the free version of Anaconda.org?#

The free plan allows you to search for, create and host public packages, and provides up to 3 GB storage space.

What is an organization account, and how is it different from an individual account?#

An organization account allows multiple individual users to administer packages and have more control of package access by other users. An individual account is for use by one person.