Pro tier#

The world’s most popular open-source package distribution and management experience, optimized for commercial use and compliance with our Terms of Service.

Open-source innovation for real-world applications without the risk

Leverage the innovation of open-source in your commercial organization with secure access to our commercial package repository.

  • Innovation: Anaconda-curated packages and metadata you can’t get from anywhere else

  • Compliance: Commercial-use ready and in compliance with the Anaconda Terms of Service

  • Confidence: High availability and support you can count on for production workflows

Key Features:

  • More than 7,500 Anaconda-built data science / machine learning packages

  • Secure access to our commercial package repository

  • Ability to leverage mirroring software to create copies of the commercial package repository (Site license only)

  • Enterprise scale and availability

  • Compliant for commercial use according to the Anaconda Terms of Service