Customizing installers#

Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository can distribute copies of the Anaconda Distribution installer and the Miniconda installer that are pre-configured to use your installation of Repository.

This applies to Anaconda Distribution version 4.1 and higher, and Miniconda version 4.1.11 and higher.

By default the installers will be stored in $PREFIX/opt/anaconda-server/installers. If you prefer to store the installers in a different location, configure a new path:

anaconda-server-config --set INSTALLER_DIR /preferred/directory


Replace /preferred/directory with the path to the directory where you prefer to store the installers.

If necessary, edit the script below and replace "5.2.0" with the current version number.

To download the installers:

mkdir -p /tmp/extras
pushd /tmp/extras


miniconda=" \ \
    Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86.exe \
    Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe \ \ \
    Miniconda-latest-Windows-x86.exe \
anaconda="Anaconda2-$ \
    Anaconda3-$ \
    Anaconda2-$ \
    Anaconda3-$ \
    Anaconda2-$version-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg \
    Anaconda3-$version-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg \
    Anaconda2-$version-Windows-x86_64.exe \

for installer in $miniconda; do
    curl -O $URL/miniconda/$installer
for installer in $anaconda; do
    curl -O $URL/archive/$installer

# Move the files into the installers directory
cp -a /tmp/extras $PREFIX/opt/anaconda-server/installers

The installers will be available for download from http://your.anaconda.server:port/downloads.


Replace your.anaconda.server:port with the name or IP address and port of your Anaconda server.

The downloadable file will be a zip file containing the Anaconda distribution and the configuration files specific to your Repository. These zip files are cached in the server’s configured storage for quick retrieval.

Check that the SERVER_NAME setting has been set so you generate the correct URLs in the next step.

To pre-generate these installer bundles based on the downloaded installers, or to re-generate after downloading new installers, execute the command:

anaconda-server-admin update-installers


Newer versions of Anaconda and Miniconda have an updated version name formatting that this command does not recognize. You must update the installer file name for the command to work.

Example file renaming

If you downloaded the installer file Anaconda3-<VERSION>-1-Windows-x86_64.exe, you must remove the -1 from the file name like this: Anaconda3-<VERSION>-Windows-x86_64.exe

This command requires that the SERVER_NAME setting be set in order to generate the correct URLs.

By default, the included conda installation will point to the default anaconda and r-channel accounts on your Anaconda Enterprise 4 Repository server, if those accounts exist.

You can change these default channels by setting the DEFAULT_CHANNELS setting, and then running the anaconda-server-admin update-installers command.