Managing permissions#

This page explains the admin commands used to manage user permissions.

Checking file ownership#

To verify that all files in the /opt/wakari/anaconda directory are owned by the wakari user or group:

root@server # find /opt/wakari/anaconda \! -user wakari -print
root@server # find /opt/wakari/anaconda \! -group wakari -print

Fixing file ownership settings#

To fix the ownership settings of any files that are listed in the output:

chown -R wakari:wakari /opt/wakari/anaconda

Setting a file owner and permissions#

To set a file owner and set its permissions:

chown wakari:wakari /opt/wakari/wakari-server/bin/wk-*
chmod 700 /opt/wakari/wakari-server/bin/wk-*

Verifying that POSIX ACLs are enabled#

The acl option must be enabled on the file system that contains the project root directory.

NOTE: By default, the project root directory is /projects.

To determine the project root directory where a custom projectRoot is configured:

root@compute # grep projectRoot /opt/wakari/wakari-compute/etc/wakari/config.json

The mount options or default options listed by tune2fs should indicate that the acl option is enabled.


root@compute # fs=`df /projects | tail -1 | cut -d " " -f 1`
root@compute # mount | grep $fs
/dev/vda on / type ext4 (rw)
root@compute # tune2fs -l $fs | grep options
Default mount options:    user_xattr acl